Home Furnishings - The necessary equipment in a place where one lives.

Home furnishings are important to all of us. Our home furnishings are an extension of our personalities. The way we arrange and display our home furnishings has an impact on our lives. For many of us our home represents a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. At Maxey Hayse our goal is to help you select the appropriate home furnishings to create an environment unique to your lifestyle.

Designer Tip: Develop a concept for your space. A concept can be anything important to you: comfort, style, peace, natural materials, a personal space. Once you have a concept stick to it. Always ask yourself, does this element relate to the concept.

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Maxey Hayse offers a wide range of home furnishings, as well as tips on decorating. We have developed two lines of home furnishings. One line is geared towards home furnishings while the other is geared towards hospitality furnishings

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