Layout & How It Effects Your Bottom Line

There are numerous elements that contribute to the success of a hospitality business. We are
going to focus on the layout and how it can increase profitability. Layout has a strong impact
the customer and your ability to service the customer.

When developing a space plan for your restaurant, nightclub or even retail store there are a few
issues that must be addressed.

1. Where do you want to lead your clientele?

2. How does the staff relate to the clientele?

The answer to the first question is simple. You want t to lead the customer to the area that
generates the revenue. For example, in a nightclub you want to lead them to the bar. In a
restaurant your target areas
the tables. In a retail store you want to lead the customer to the
merchandise. You need to evaluate which areas of your business generates the most revenue
and that is where you lead the customer.

Now lets look at the second question. In all cases the staff must serve the customer but, how the
customer is served will vary from business to business. In a restaurant or nightclub the staff needs
ample room to serve the food and drink to the customer while maintaining room for customer flow.
In a retail store environment your employees need to help the client with selection of merchandising
and fittings as well as ring up the customer. The quality of service the customer receives is equally
as important as getting the customer to the desired location. The layout of your space can greatly
enhance or hinder the customer service process.

Once you have determined where you want to lead your clientele and have analyzed how your clientele
relates to the staff. You must analyze the most effective way to do that within your square footage. Here
are a few key points to get you started.

A good way to get started with this process is by creating bubble plans or adjacency plans. These plans
can help you determine the location of key elements, analyze your activities and see if the relationship
is appropriate. An interior design firm can help you with these issues especially in determining the
amount of square footage each activity needs.

In summary, you want to create a layout that moves your clientele through the space without creating
bottle necks. Develop a space that creates a total environment that is conducive to your staff and leaves
the customer with a pleasant experience. Also keep in mind
that creating one area that generates cash
in not always the most effective method. You want to optimize your square footage by placing several
smaller key purchase points. Therefore, leading your
customers through the space while generating
revenue from several areas of your building.
In the end layout and design can increase profitability
and has a strong impact on the customer and your ability to service the customer.

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