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Interior Designer - Hospitality Design Firm - New York, New Jersey, Tri State Area - Interior design firm Maxey Hayse specializes in restaurant interior design, retail store design, nightclub and lounge design, and all aspects of hospitality design.
Interior Design Trends

We at Maxey Hayse are not big believers in design trends. We feel it is all relative to your concept, clientele and location. Every space has a unique set of criteria which acts as the foundation of the entire design. However we do agree that finishes and materials fall in and out of favor. The favorability relies upon the durability, cost and the manufacturers improvements of a particular product. In our design practice we like to combine different finishes and materials to add creativity and interest to a space.

Materials we find favorable are:

  • Metals:   satin finish aluminum, raw steel, copper and other unique metal finishes
  • Woods:   natural maple, zebra wood, black walnut, brazilian cherry
  • Naturals fibers:   seagrass, sisal, jute
  • Glass:   sandblasted, safety, textured, stained, etched, colored
  • Fabrics:   plush velvet, natural silks, cotton, other natural fibers, sheers
  • Colors:   browns, neutral tones, greens, bold colors
  • Lighting: gels, LED, fiber optic, sconces, backlit lighting effects
  • Misc.:   faux finishes, cork, leather floor tiles, granite and all types of stone

As you can see we like a lot of materials. Again, everything is relative to its use and the concept. Our best advice is to be open to all ideas and don't be a slave to trends. Don't try to forecast what will look trendy in six months. Develop a concept that works for your clientele, image and location.

Side Note:

When designing a residence the clientele is your family and friends and how they use the space. The image is your personality and personal style.










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