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Casual Dining Concepts

The definition of Casual Dining is creating a restaurant that is relaxed and friendly. However it does not mean creating a restaurant without sufficient care or thought. Just as with any style of Restaurant every decision you make must have a reason. We must pay attention to details, flow, function, the customer and the overall Brand Identity of the Casual Dining Restaurant Concept. The defining factors include signature food menus, creative bar menus, and a beautiful design that keeps them coming and always ties back to the Brand Identity and Concept of the casual dining establishment.

A new casual dining concept appears on some highway in some town across the US almost daily. What does a restaurant owner need to do to create a successful casual dining restaurant? How will the casual dining restaurant face the challenges of retaining it's most loyal customers while drawing new one's?

Some of the top causal dining restaurant chains are:

Apple bee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar
Chili's Grill & bar
TGI Friday's
Ruby Tuesday's
Cheesecake Factory
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Bennigan's Grill & Tavern
O' Charley's
California Pizza Kitchen

The goal of the casual dining concept is to create long-term success, various strategies are implemented to achieve this success. In all cases a unique dining environment must be created. No matter the size of the space or the budget the environment one must be distinctive in some way. The distinction will flow from the restaurant interior design to the outfits of the servers to the exclusive menu items down to the clever names of the menu items. Some casual dining concepts offer activities for children and others may over service above and beyond any casual dining concept.

At Maxey Hayse Design Studios, we offer full range Casual Dining Concepts Services. Our team can assist you with creating the restaurant concept, developing the brand identity, developing menu items, space planning, lighting, logo design, menu design, graphic design, 3D renderings, architectural details and materials and finishes.

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