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Lighting Scheme Development

Lighting has a great impact on our emotions and our working habits. Lighting is extremely important in a restaurant, nightclub, hospitality, office, retail or lounge setting. Determining the best color scheme and lighting scheme for you business is not an easy task.


Lets face it club goers are fickle. They are always looking for the next best club to visit. Lighting can give the appearance of a different looking space by changing color and brightness. It is important to the nightclub owner that his or her nightclub is flexible and changeable. In the examples you see above and below you can see how the same space looks different depending upon the lighting that is used. Different color gels can cover lighting fixtures and set the mood differently for the night. Some of our clients have used different colored gels for every night of the week giving it a different look. This is a minimal example of our nightclub lighting effects. We also develop very elaborate nightclub light design schemes that focus on the entire club not just the dance floor lighting. Changeable ambient and effect lighting in the bar and lounge areas is important to the long term success of a restaurant, lounge or nightclub.



  • Lighting plan and fixtures
  • Size of space
  • Complexity of color scheme in relation to layout.
  • Are you only looking for paint color selections as well as a lighting plan.
  • Do you need and entire color scheme including flooring,
    works surfaces, etc.
  • What will my design budget allow?


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