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Retail Store Design in Details

          What do our retail design services include?

Maxey Hayse Interior Design can provide any combination of the services listed below:

If a client already has a store that simply needs a radical change or minor facelift we typically come out to evaluate the space. At that meeting we determine the scope of work that fits your needs best. Your scope of work might includes the following:
Retail space plan to optimize seating
Retail finish selections
Retail Lighting Design
Or many other features.

We then start reviewing, are you currently ready for a redesign and or re branding to enhance or expand or upgrade clientele.

B) If our clients are planning a remodel or are leasing a new store we help them create realistic budgets and time lines for their stores design and construction and prepare design drawings that include:
• Storefront design and signage, awning etc.
• Flow analysis in regards to product layout, cashiers, customer service area, restrooms and more.
• Interior layout including placement for product, window display, dressing rooms and much more. We make sure traffic flow analysis is the most efficiently determined early in the design process.
• Design services such as floor plan, finish specifications, lighting plan, coloring, branding or re branding everything from ceiling to floor gets consideration.
• In store icons and mnemonics to enhance or start branding
• Main and sometimes not thought out most efficiently is that your product and merchandising are in perfect flow of the design you choose to make sure your merchandise is being displayed the best way possible. (Cannot overemphasize this enough with retail design).
• We work with some of the most seasoned architectural firms as well as general contractors that specialize in retail development. The client often wants us to oversee these projects with field visits to make sure the details are being correctly executed or may provide their own supervision.

Some basic questions we need to know to start our Retail Design Process

These are the basic questions we ask so that we can provide you with our scope of services and a fee. Most of our clients have additional questions or concerns so please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

1) What are you selling?
Clothing, electronics, wine, pets, cosmetics? We want to get a feel for the product early in the process.

2) Do you have an existing store? Are you just looking for a jumpstart and you already have a large clientele and you may want very minor changes.

3) Are you experienced?
Assuming you don’t have an existing shop we want to know what your background is. If you are an ex-web programmer about to open a wine and gift shop we want to know. Clients without retail experience typically require a little more care and feeding.

4) What demographic are you trying to draw?
This can help decide in overall look and feel of the space. How comfortable is the customer, with an older clientele will the customers be happy to be surrounded with teenagers and vice versa.

5) Who are your competitors and how will you be different?
We are very interested in your vision. Your store concept may be based on a lack of competition, a novel approach to an existing business model, an altogether new concept, better value or higher grade of service. We want to know why you think you will be able to compete in your marketplace. What makes you special and different?

6) What type of a shopping venue are you going in to?
A mall, strip center, power center, main street, amusement or entertainment venue? How hard will it be to drive customers to your store? Is the location worth the rent? Have you talked to merchants who are already in the center? How long has the space been vacant? Location, location, location is a valid concept and we want to help you determine if you made (or are about to make) the right choice.

7) Do you have an idea of the way you want the shop to look?
You may not want your venue to be started from scratch. If you’ve seen elements in other stores that you really like then we may want to pull some of those in to your shop. It could be a type of flooring or certain fixtures, colors or lights. Maybe graphics or props. Please keep in mind that your input is very valuable to us. This is a collaborative process and we work closely with our customers to develop a store that will look good, sell goods and hit the targeted budget and time frame.

8) When do you want to open? / When is your project deadline?
Most of our clients need help determining how long the process typically takes. If a permit is required City Hall can slow the timing down as your plans wind there way through inspection, corrections, revisions, re-inspection and approval. If a permit can be avoided the process speeds up dramatically. We’Ave opened stores within 10 days of meeting a client for the first time. Some take much longer.

9) What’s the budget for construction?
Producing a retail store requires a series of construction related expenditures that have nothing to do with the merchandise to be sold, the rent or the costs of insurance, phones, licenses, etc. These construction expenses include:

A) The front sign which typically will have to be designed per the landlord and the towns mandate.

B) The store shell has to be completed unless you are being given a vanilla shell or are taking over an existing space. The completed shell expenses will include HVAC, paint, flooring, ceiling, lighting, sprinklers, demising walls for back rooms, offices and dressing rooms, architectural fees (if a permit is required) building permits, etc. What we call the hard construction costs.

C) The counter and display fixtures have the most options for value engineering. We can dial the look and finish of the fixtures up or down based on budget. Some venues have higher prices for fixtures. For instance prices in the northeast and northwest are much higher then in the southwest and southeast.

D) Graphics, video, interior signage, props, sound, in the store that make it special also need to be budgeted. Again, these can be value engineered but they must be present in some form in order to make the store special.

We determine a budget early in the process so we don't design something that is out of your budget when funds are only available for a something a bit smaller end. If you have your own trades people plumber, electrician, carpet manufacturer, millwork or any of the above we can factor that in to the projected budget and allocate our resources elsewhere and easily adapt with anyone from another trade. Our principal is known for being very hands on but also very easy to work with but stern when she needs to be.

10) Where are you?
Much of our work is done via e-mail, fax, Fed Ex, and FTP or e-mail cad files. We try to cut costs as much as possible. If the job is sizable with many people involved we often have several on site meetings. Design Firm, GC's superintendent and project manager, architect handling MEPs, HVAC, ADA requirements and any possible structural questions as well as other tradesman. Over the years we have created many key contacts in these area's and others. We also have the latest computing equipment and our library is right up to date as we constantly are looking at new material and finishes.

Design Fees

Maxey Hayse Design Studio design fees are based on the amount of work required by our clients. We bill at an hourly rate or on a fixed fee basis and we provide a fee estimate in advance. We will come down review and analyze as part of our free consultation. Below is a breakdown of the services we provide with price ranges.

We have many clients who know that there existing store needs design help but they don't know where to start. We visit the store, ( either in person or via pictures and video) review the entire storefront and traffic patterns and many other details to create a list of suggestions (with a budget attached) that you can use.The typical fee varies upon the size and how high end you want to go on design details and finish specification. Travel is additional so in many cases we use video and stills in place of a site visit.

The scope of work included in our budget design fee includes:

1) Store design, most efficient traffic analyses and merchandising consultation.
2) Counter, floor display and wall fixture layout.
3) Finish suggestions for paint, fixtures and flooring.
4) Lighting layout.
5) Graphics and logo review.
6) Provide and review equipment display bids.
7) Store fixture details.
8) Consultation until the entire job is finished.

Standard Design Fee: 10-15% of Budget

The scope of work included in our standard design fee includes:

1) Concept Review
2) Budget Analysis
3) Store design and merchandising consultation as required.
4) Design documents which may include all or some of the following as required by Client

a) Floor and fixture plans
b) Lighting schedule
c) Interior elevations
d) Custom fixture details and specifications
e) Color and material specifications
f) Video planning

5) Graphics, branding and logo review and consultation
6) Provide and review equipment and display bids
7) Coordinate architectural plans and prices
8) Review General Contractors bids and contracts
9) Design consultation through completion

Deciding upon architectural services.
Do we need an architect?
Are their any HVAC or MEP (mechanical, electrical or plumbing) modifications or changes.

We advise our clients to consult with an architect if permit-ready drawings are required. If the work you plan to have done is just cosmetic such as paint, carpet, tile, fixtures and display lighting, then you may not need an architect. If you plan to build walls, add electric, plumbing, HVAC or other structural building elements then you will probably need a permit and an architect may be required. We often associate with local architects and will help you coordinate the drawing requirements to keep costs to a minimum.We have a great relationship with one of the best firms in NJ as well as many General Contractors and they are reliable, reliable is a big word in this business.

How long does it take to develop drawings and show us several options for our new space?

We've turned drawings around in a few days. We have also watched the design approval process take several months. To begin the process we interview our clients and try to get a feel for how much they want to spend and how they want the store to look. We then create preliminary drawings to start off phase one (1). These drawings are critiqued, red lined and discussed in depth so that we can develop a second set that is much closer to the final design. We again go through the critique process and eventually arrive, collaboratively with our client, at a final design that everyone is happy with.

The final design goes in for bid review and typically we have to adjust the design as necessary to hit the budget (This process usually involves some vendor and contractor negotiation as well).

Retail Concept Design.

Design Development / Evaluation of fixturing

Assist with signage and overall branding or re-brand

Prototyping of fixtures, graphics, hardware or the space.

Implementation services including manufacturing though installation, we are often called upon by the GC to elaborate on a specific design or confirm a measurement or design detail. With Maxey Hayse you will always have the principal's and her staff's attention.


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